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Temps are cooling, things are slowing. Time to relax? Maybe? This is a great time to take stock of your Bonsai situation. Great time to mix soil for dormant period repotting. Clean pots, look at each tree, document a plan: future pot, major pruning needed, etc. Think about styling changes, grafts, (thread grafts, slip grafts, approach grafts, etc.). Many trees do not bud back on old wood (Eastern Cedar), think carefully about major pruning on these trees. Grafting is the best way to make significant changes here. Then there are trees like the Trident Maple, you can prune them practically to the ground and they will bud like crazy. Cut a branch, stick it in the ground and there you have a new tree. Tridents are great for the learning Bonsai artist, graft well, accept major pruning, they seem to love attention, the more you do to them the more they respond. Some trees are strictly pinch and grow. Research the art, attend a local Bonsai group meeting, these folks are a huge resource for knowledge and experience. Bonsai are a much like little children you can ignore them for a while but it is a really bad idea. Better to nurture them and coax them into the best they can be.


Enjoy your trees and enjoy our web site.

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Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting.

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