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This month’s discussion centers around documentation a subject we don’t often see discussed in reference to bonsai. Let’s think for a moment about the life of a bonsai tree. Plant origination could be from a cutting, air layering, a harvested tree, a garden center, from a friend etc. Application of fungicide, dormant oil, and grafting are additional actions we take. We repot trees periodically, fertilize on an irregular schedule, and root prune as required, just to mention a few of the many activities surrounding a bonsai tree. A great way to track all of this activity is to first number or name each tree (identify). Then we can record through some mechanism (log book, binder, or software program) all that information that most of us would forget. One good method I use is an application called Bonsai Album (available in both Apple and Windows format). There are other programs out there, but this one tracks pot history, plant history, has a photo area, an excellent documentation method and many other features that I enjoy. We can prevent repetition of an action, or forgetting when we repotted last. We expend a great deal of time and effort raising bonsai, this extra effort is indeed worth the time required. Final thought “don’t let them little roots freeze”.

As we always say, enjoy this great art, join a local bonsai group and enjoy sharing it with great friends. To all our wonderful bonsai friends enjoy the holiday season.

For our membership
Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting. 

Best Wishes for the Holidays from the Living Art Bonsai Society.

Please note that the Living Art Bonsai Society does not hold a meeting in December.

The next meeting will be Janaury 2, 2018

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