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Hello fellow bonsai enthusiasts. During the slow inactive periods (winter), we find it easy to just sit back and think soon I’ll have to get busy. We must watch those little trees, they depend on us to protect them.  Warm weather approaches, and winter continues here in north Alabama. (Yeah no yard work) (Hmm cabin fever). Some have already begun the annual repotting challenge. There are two schools of thought on late winter repotting: (1) Repotting now can force early budding; (2) Cold weather should cause dormancy to continue. Early buds can freeze and cause plant damage. If we’re not repotting yet, we can and should be preparing soil, cleaning pots and thinking about any major pruning we plan for our trees.  A common mistake among Bonsai enthusiasts, we look at a tree, like it, and tell ourselves one more couldn’t hurt.  A very elusive point (just how many are too many). The trees, and we, would be much better served, taking very good care of a few trees, than taking moderate care of a lot of trees. (Note to self: pay attention to the great advice above)

Bonsai is a wonderful, rewarding hobby. Raise a few trees, learn about this interesting hobby, from this web site, on-line resources and join a local group to benefit from the years of knowledge garnered by members there.

For our membership
Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting. 

Best Wishes for the Holidays from the Living Art Bonsai Society.

The next meeting will be February 6, 2018, starting at 6 PM.

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