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Repot, repot, repot is we must do for our little trees. Signs of the need to repot are, a lackluster look on tree leaves last fall, a tree bulging from the pot due to root build up under the tree or an inability to press the point of a chopstick into the soil due to dense root mass. Buds are beginning to break open, the perfect time to repot bonsai. Roots have continued to grow over the winter storing nutrients up for spring. Due to the warmer weather and longer days, those plant nutrients are rushing upward, causing buds to expand and leaves to form. Root pruning must be done on a one to two year interval as pots begin to fill with roots and organic materials are broken down in the existing soil. The need for repotting is indicated by the lackluster look of plants or often the tree actually rising above the pots as roots multiply below.

This is probably the most challenging time for the bonsai artist. A great plan is to try and get your trees on an alternate year schedule half of the on year the other half next year. Each tree is unique in its needs, some experience, and or research is needed to determine those needs. Search the web, check bonsai sites, join a local bonsai group, all excellent sources of information on this interesting, entertaining hobby.

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Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting. 

Best Wishes for the Holidays from the Living Art Bonsai Society.

The next meeting will be March 17, 2018, starting at 1 PM.


The LIving Art Bonsai Society Monthrly Meeting has moved to Saturdays at 1 PM and is followed by a bonsai work session till 5 PM.

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