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Our highest temps are often during the month of August. We are warned daily to keep ourselves hydrated. Bonsai have such a limited amount of soil thus limited moisture supply, they must be watered often. Larger trees in smaller pots may need twice daily watering. Take care not to be deceived into doing major work on your bonsai. Major work, root pruning, major trimming, grafting etc. is very stressful and high temps combined with major work can mean the demise of our carefully crafted works of art. They, much like we, can only take so much stress, and something gives! A tree that is lack luster, yellowed leaves, evergreens that are pale, trees that are just not budding and growing need rest and gentle care not more stress. A happy growing tree just oozes excitement and says to the artist let’s get too it what do we do next? Maintenance pruning should continue, take a look and plan what to do when the cooler growing season arrives. What is my long term plan, next pot for this tree etc.

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Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting.

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