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September has arrived, we must monitor our little trees carefully. This heat and the occasional increase in moisture encourage pests, and diseases of all types.

Spider Mites are a major concern for the bonsai artist. Several types of trees are affected by the Spider Mite.  Shimpaku Junipers are particularly susceptible.  How can something so small (at the threshold of being too small to be seen by the human eye) be so damaging? The first sign of a Spider Mite problem is a weak and lethargic tree, (paleness, possibly yellowing). These little monsters can be seen by holding a white sheet of paper below a branch, tapping it firmly, and shaking whatever is there onto the paper.  Rub your finger across the paper and watch for small red smears, these will be the remains of the little creatures. These small mites actually multiply into the hundreds of thousands if not millions rapidly and can rapidly weaken trees to the point of death.

            Other issues are leaf eating insects, fungus on Shimpaku’s etc. Pests and diseases are a broad ranging subject, too much to cover in a short note. You can research online, purchase books on Bonsai etc. Another great option, check back on this site as we add more information on this amazing art. Our intent is to build it into an in depth resource for the Bonsai artist or and those who have yet to realize (wow I woke up today and I am an artist of Bonsai).

            Enjoy your little trees, and please inform us of any special information requests or articles you would like to see published on our website.

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If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting.

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