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Slow season and we can relax a bit in the constant vigil of caring for our little trees.
Even at this, there are concerns that should be addressed.

It is officially cold in North Alabama, as we said last month protect roots from freezing. Remember cold winds dry evergreens. Even bare branches can dry a plant in cold winds. Also all plants continue to need limited watering during winter months.

This slow season is a great time to, clean pots, mix soil, examine trees, also to make plans for spring pruning. Plan repotting, will it need a bigger pot? Will it need major pruning? Will grafting be required? If you plan to graft, do you have whips available? Is the grafting stock from the same tree? Not just same type, there are subtle variations in Shimpakus and Tridents for example. Use the same parent stock, subtle variations are very obvious when next to each other on the same branch. Grafting is an excellent technique all Bonsai artists should try.

The art of Bonsai is both interesting and gratifying. Applying the many techniques that have been developed over the years and enjoying the results.

Enjoy your trees and enjoy our web site.

            Enjoy your little trees, and please inform us of any special information requests or articles you would like to see published on our website.

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Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting.

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