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“Water, water, everywhere and not a drop to drink”.  Most of us are getting plenty of rain, but our little trees may not. In the warm months we must watch aspiration, aspiration, aspiration, which can cause exasperation, if we aren’t careful.  Temperatures continue to rise and our trees aspirate moisture rapidly in the high heat. Few things will harm bonsai quicker than a lack of adequate moisture. Dried foliage cells will quickly collapse and die. Trees are designed to drop leaves as they die thus reducing evaporation. Loose enough leaves and the tree will likely die. The level of moisture at which a tree will die is very species dependent, some are extremely sensitive others are quite forgiving. Watch your trees, learn their needs, and keep them happy. This, on a day over 100 degrees and low humidity may require watering twice a day. The small amount of soil we use in growing bonsai provides a very limited amount of water storage, thus limited shading and frequent watering are required.

Research, learn and enjoy this wonderful art. Join a local bonsai group – an amazingly broad array of experiences and knowledge will be instantly available. For those who must invent their own wheel, we wish you much luck and may you lose a limited number of trees as you learn.

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Phil Terry
If you are in the North Alabama area, please join us at our monthly meeting. 

The next meeting will be July 21, 2018, starting at 1 PM at the Anderson Education Center attached to the Butterful House, entrance is from the rear of the buidling.


The LIving Art Bonsai Society Monthly Meeting are now held on the third Saturdays     at 1 PM and is followed by a bonsai work session till 5 PM.

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